We’re waiting here for you! We’ll welcome you and we’ll come with you in the knowledge of this


magic land that has a lot to offer to the sage traveller who has eyes to see.


‘… the world is like a book and people who don’t travel read only a part of it…’ (S. Agostino)



‘Le Fanciulle’ is characterized by little terraces of clay land, that the tireless farmer has always worked to


obtain his own family maintenance.


A piece of bread here, another further on and he struggled on from dawn till night under the burning sun of




Just like that tired farmer found refreshment under the olive trees of this untiring land, now ourselves too,


we want to welcome you traveller in a relaxing and healthy environment, where the cicadas’ sining replaces


the noise of the town.


And at the waking up, you can enjoy your breakfast in the fresh air of the portico with a glance to the


infinity of the sea and the scent of the Mediterranean Scrub. 



Le Fanciulle’ Bed & Breakfast is the ideal place where you can combine:


The sea: in Pesculuse, a sea expanse called ‘Maldive of Salento’ will welcome you with its crystalline sea


and its very fine sand. There are a lot of equipped beaches, a diving centre that allows you to visit the


depth of the sea where you can see a ship wreck. You can also experience the ‘Fishing tourism’ thanks to


expert fishermen.


The countryside: if you love walking among the olive trees of Salento and the eternal charm of the dry


walls, this is the ideal place. You can take photos of lots beautiful places, or admire our ‘Pajare’ that is the


old residence of farmers made of dry stones.


The territory: you can visit places that are very important for our ‘Barocco Leccese’, or you can admire the


magnificence of the mosaic in Otranto Cathedral or you can enjoy yourself walking among the little ways of


the historic centre of Gallipoli and Specchia.


The cooking: you can taste the specialities of salento cooking: ‘Sagne Torte’, ‘Minchireddhi’, a good ‘Frisa’


with tomatoes, the bread complitely hand made, ‘Pittule’, Scurdijata’and so on.


The ‘Pizzica’: after dinner, let’s have a relaxing moment thanks to ‘Pizzica’, an hypnotic dance of Salento


tradition, the pure essence of our land and song of passion.


After so much travelling, you can relax at ‘Le Fanciulle’ Bed and Breakfast.


Wherever you go, whoever you are ‘Le Fanciulle’ staff whish you a good trip and welcome to Salento.




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